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4th Grade Math

4th Grade Math Test

4th Grade Math Test

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The students in the Go Green club started a school recycling program. In September, the students collected 86 pounds of paper and 18 pounds of cans to recycle. For October, their goal is to collect three times the amount of paper and five times the amount of cans they collected in September. If the club meets its goal, how many total pounds of paper and cans will the students collect in September and October combined?

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A chef mixed olive oil and vinegar to make salad dressing. She made enough salad dressing to fill six plastic bottles, using cup of olive oil and cup of vinegar for each bottle. What was the total amount, in cups, of salad dressing the chef made?

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There were 820,445 people living in Indianapolis and 805,235 people living in San Francisco at the time of the last census. Use >,< or = to compare these numbers.

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Madelyn uses 58 beads to make a necklace. She plans to sell 36 necklaces at each craft fair she goes to this summer. She plans to go to 4 craft fairs this summer. What is the total number of beads that Madelyn will use to make the necklaces she plans to sell at the 4 craft fairs?

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A cargo ship is carrying nine shipping crates. Each crate is equal in mass, and the total mass of all nine crates is 4,707 kilograms. What is the mass, in kilograms, of each crate?

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The number below has the digit 6 in two different places.


How many times greater is the value represented by the 6 in the thousands place than the value represented by the 6 in the hundreds place?

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A rectangle has a width of 9 inches. The area of the rectangle is 648 square inches. What is the length, in inches, of the rectangle?

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Dennis wants to buy carpet for the rectangular floor of his living room. The room is 12 feet long and 16 feet wide. What is the area, in square feet, of the living room floor?

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A gardener ordered 46 flowering bushes to plant in a park. Each bush cost $27. What was the total cost of the bushes?

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The value of the 7 in 507,264 is 10 times the value of the 7 in which number?

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The model below is shaded to represent a fraction.

Which figure is shaded to show a fraction equivalent to the model?

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The price of a board game is $24. The price of the board game is 2 times as much as the price of a jigsaw puzzle. What is the price of the jigsaw puzzle?

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Which statement best classifies the figure below?

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A store ordered 28 boxes holding 12 banana muffins each and 5 boxes holding 6 blueberry muffins each. What was the total number of muffins the store ordered?

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Rose uses instant lemonade powder to make 7 pitchers of lemonade. She uses 2⁄8 cup of powder for each pitcher. What is the total amount of powder that Rose uses?

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Which expression represents the amount of the fraction strip below that is shaded?

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What is the missing number in the equation below?

5,600 ÷ 8 = ?

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Carolina moved the hand of a spinner 270 degrees, as shown below.

What fraction of a complete turn through a circle is 270 degrees?

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Students shaded the shapes below to represent fractions.
Which two students’ shapes represent equivalent fractions?

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Which number would be 16,000 when rounded to the nearest thousand?

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Estelle had 28 coins in her collection. Fred had 4 times as many coins as Estelle had. Which equation can be used to determine the number of coins Fred had?

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What is the measure of angle DCE?

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Ryan folded a sheet of paper to make 12 equal-sized sections. He shaded 2 sections, as shown below.

Which fraction is equivalent to the one represented by the shaded part of the sheet of paper?

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Taylor is measuring leaves for an art project.

What is the length of this leaf?

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Which number sentence is true?

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Which of the following shapes has the greatest number of lines of symmetry?






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Eighty-five is 5 times as many as ______.

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Chloe and her younger sister Mia decided to go a jog around their village. Mia took three times more minutes to jog around the village than Chloe did. If it took Chloe 44 minutes to finish the jog, how many minutes did it take Mia to do the same?

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