6th Grade Math Diagnostic Quiz


6th Grade Math Test

6th Grade Math Test

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Find the value of the expression.

24 3⁄5 + 4³ × (8 1⁄5 −2)

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Michelle makes jewelry boxes containing drawers of equal size. The number of drawers in three different jewelry boxes and the corresponding total volumes of the drawers are shown in the table below.
Write an equation for the relationship between the number of drawers in the jewelry box, d, and the total volume of the drawers in the jewelry box, V. Use your equation to determine the number of drawers in a jewelry box with a total volume of 17.5 cubic inches.

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To convert a temperature from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature in degrees Celsius is multiplied by 1.8, and then 32 is added to the product. Write an expression that can be used to convert a temperature from degrees Celsius, C, to degrees Fahrenheit, and then use that expression to convert 25 degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.

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Which expression is equivalent to the expression below?
 g + g  + g + g + g + g


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Which equation has the solution x = 2 ?

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Which two expressions are equivalent for any value of y?

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Kelly saves $5 every week. Which expression represents the amount of money, in dollars, Kelly will save in w weeks?

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Solve the equation below.

0.3r = 2.1

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What is the solution of the equation below?

x + 8. 63 = 11.001

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A museum has an aquarium in the shape of a right rectangular prism that is 22.9 meters long, 7.5 meters wide, and 4.6 meters high. What is the volume, rounded to the nearest cubic meter, of the aquarium?

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Erica drew the parallelogram below.
Which expression can Erica use to find the area of the parallelogram?

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The trapezoid shown below has an area of 21.66 square inches
What is the total area of the shaded sections of the trapezoid?

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The right rectangular prism shown below is made of equal-sized cubes. The side length of each cube is 2 1⁄2 inches.
What is the volume, in cubic inches, of the right rectangular prism?

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The points plotted on the coordinate grid below show different locations in a city. The grid lines represent the city’s streets.

The city plans to build a parking lot at the location represented by the coordinates(8,4). Which building is the shortest driving distance from the parking lot?