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Welcome to our interactive 3rd-grade geometry course, where learning shapes and fractions is an adventure! Our course is specially designed to make geometry concepts both fun and understandable for young learners. Here’s what we offer:

🔹 Engaging Interactive Quizzes: Jump into our series of lively quizzes tailored to the 3rd-grade curriculum. We cover essential geometry topics, from recognizing and understanding various shapes and their unique attributes to mastering the art of dividing shapes into equal areas and expressing these areas as unit fractions. These quizzes aren’t just tests; they’re stepping stones to mastering geometry!

🔸 Real-Time Feedback and Guided Support: Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning! Our quizzes are designed to provide instant feedback when errors are made. This interactive approach not only pinpoints the wrong answers but also offers hints and guidance to steer students back on track, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each concept.

🎥 Customized Educational Videos: Struggling with a geometry concept? Our library of concise,  grade appropriate geometry videos is here to help. Each video is crafted to engage young minds, using visuals and examples that resonate with 3rd graders. These videos focus on breaking down and reinforcing key geometry concepts in a manner that’s both fun and easy to understand.

📊 Progress Tracking for Personalized Learning: Watch your skills grow! Our course includes a progress tracking feature that allows students, parents, and teachers to monitor learning advancements. This feature helps identify areas that need more focus and celebrates areas of achievement, making the learning journey transparent and rewarding.

📚 Resources for Parents and Teachers: We understand the importance of support in a child’s educational journey. That’s why we offer a wealth of resources for parents and teachers. From detailed guides on explaining complex concepts to additional practice worksheets and tips for engaging with the material beyond the screen, we equip adults with the tools they need to be active participants in the learning process.

Identify a polygon by its attributes

Identify rectangles

Identify rhombuses

Identify squares

Identifying trapezoids and parallelograms

Recognize shape attributes

Sort quadrilaterals by their attributes